The long-term focus of these transformational programs is to raise your IQ i.e. sharpen analytical skills & mental ability and evolve your thinking process. This empowers you to achieve best possible ranks in JEE Main, JEE Advanced & NEET, attain phenomenal success in XII Boards & Olympiads. Even if you are not eyeing a bachelor’s degree in engineering or medical, these programs will build sound fundamentals and brace you for higher studies.


  • This program includes the classes over the weekend and weekdays, covering the syllabus for JEE Mains,Advanced, NEET and Boards
  • Students continue their boards study at the schools and Actuation will prepare them for the competitive exams
  • Detail JEE,NEET and Boards syllabus coverage to assure the students perform well in the competitive exams


  • Extensive coverage of JEE/NEET and boards syllabus to assure the students perform well in the school exams as well.
  • Regular JEE/NEE and CBSE level tests
  • Regular PTMs and feedback
  • Home assignments/ workbooks and regular discussion of tests