The long-term focus of these transformational programs is to raise your IQ i.e. sharpen analytical skills & mental ability and evolve your thinking process. This empowers you to achieve best possible ranks in JEE Main, JEE Advanced & NEET, attain phenomenal success in XII Boards & Olympiads. Even if you are not eyeing a bachelor’s degree in engineering or medical, these programs will build sound fundamentals and brace you for higher studies.


  • Synergistic approach to both the School / Board studies as well as JEE,NEET, Other Engineering/ Medical Entrance Exams preparation.
  • A study plan that will ease out the pressure of time (or the feeling for the lack of it) for the Student, unlocking lots of extra time, giving enough time for self-studies, which a Student would not have got otherwise
  • A program that eliminates the opposite pressure forces on the Student.



  • The studies for both School / Board as well as JEE Main &Advanced will be controlled and executed by ACTUATION
  • This would mean that the Student would not be going through two separate schedules and Classes for the same subject.
  • Integrated School Programs would provide thrust for the Students to participate in co-curricular activities, sports, social activities etc which are very important for their personality development.
  • School time should be 100% effective for JEE Main & Advanced preparation while simultaneously guiding you to an excellent performance in Board Exams and also helping you to develop your personality traits.
  • Self-study – devoting adequate time for effective learning.